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Aphrodite of Milos  


This portal is the outcome of the combined effort of a group of people, connected by a common bond: their love of Milos. We address all those who come from Milos, live or have ever (even as visitors) lived on this island of the Cyclades. We hope that their love of the island will bring them close to us, in the same way it joined us and led us to the decision to create this web portal.

Creations, by Mos

Our goal is the development of the island and, thanks to the technical support of FORWARD e-business, the hospitable place that will accommodate our efforts for its realisation, was found.
We long for the development of Milos and we do know well that a holistic approach to the promotion of the island constitutes an essential factor for its growth.

Creations, by Vassilis

The preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage of the island, the collective documentation of its history and the promotion of its culture, the endorsement of sustainable tourism, the active representation of businesses operating on the island, the provision of up-to-date information for the visitor as well as for the inhabitant through a special News section – or even – an online radio station, are only a subset of the wide range of objectives supporting our end goal:
a comprehensive and sustainable growth of Milos with the potential to adapt to the demanding conditions of our times.

Pages on Tourism, History, Culture and Geomorphology of the island, the activities of local authorities, methods of incorporating new technologies and the utilization of alternative forms of energy, are, only an example, of the pages that will make up the content of this portal.
We look forward to the continuous upgrade of our portal through the participation of all those who care, as much as we do, for Milos. Towards this goal, our communication channels with them will always be open: through forums and chat, article and photograph forwarding, we seek the active presence of all those interested on the improvement, based on their proposals, of this, first, exclusively Melian portal.
The Founding Team


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