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Aphrodite of Milos  

4 Μάη | N 36° 72' 54'', Ε 24° 44' 33'' | May 4

The rock-hewn war shelter in Adamas was built by the residents of the island under the orders of the German occupation army during WWII. The site has served many different purposes throughout the years, until recently, when it reopened as a unique place of contemporary artistic creation.

This year, in an attempt to cease treating history as a museum piece and begin talking about the self, the other, and the world of here and now, distinguished Greek choreographers, visual artists, musicians, performers, a photographer, a lighting technician as well as students of Modern dance under the guidance of Filio Louvari, will come together for a week in Milos to co-create a project within the Shelter.

The common origin of all the performances will be stories of refuge and smaller or greater "secrets" shared by people who live or used to live in Milos. In fact, the title of the project itself (the Shelter's geographic coordinates) refers to something "concealed" or "conspiratorial"...

May 4, Bomb Shelter of Adamas 2016

Permanent exhibitions at the Bomb Shelter of Adamas:

«Gimme Shelter» Photo Exhibition by Mady Lykeridou - Veleta
«Tales of War and Art» Visual projection of selected artwork from the exhibitions REFUGE PROJECT 2014 & 2015


Tel: (+30) 6976778463
e-mail: filiolouvari@gmail.com
Facebook: May-4-4-Μάη

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