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Aphrodite of Milos  

Gerondas Isolated Beach

To get to Gerontas, one has to follow the way that leads form Adamas to Provatas and St. Sophia. Gerontas is the furthest beach in the south part of the island,  that can be reached by car.

Once you arrive at the Concrete production Company "Titan" you must park the car and go through the entrance on foot.  Turn left and follow the path that leads down to the beach. On your way you will be surrounded by small trees, bushes and turfs forming rare green scenery in the dryness of Milos. You will finally reach a beautiful bay, half covered by white rocks that are full of catch and caves.  Emerald green is the colour of the clean, calm waters.  The only days the water   is rough is when the Strong Southern Wind is blowing, though this is quite rare during the summer.

If you carry on from Gerontas towards the east you will find the places Katergo and Kipos.  From there you can take the small boat that will take you to Kleftiko.

Gerontas, Milos

Gerontas, Milos

Gerontas, Milos



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