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Best of Milos in Responsible Tourism 2017

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Pollonia, Milos Pollonia

Pollonia is the second port of Milos. It is a picturesque fisher ' s village and the port connecting Milos with the neighbouring island of Kimolos . One can get to Kimolos by a small ferry, a large fishing boat or by sea taxis.

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Kastro, Venetian Castle, Milos Kastro (Venetian Castle)
Kastro (the Castle), the second highest peak to the hill of Prophet Elias, a hill of steep height of 280m, dominates the entry of the harbor. It was initially inhabited by the Venetian family of Sanoudoi who since the 13th c AD had dominated the Cyclades and the Aegean. Visit during sunrise or sunset to enjoy panoramic views of the island.

Sulfur Mine, Paliorema

Paliorema, Milos

Paliorema in Greek denotes the unfriendly river. But don't let the name frighten you. It's a worth visiting place, not only for the scenery and the installations of the old sulfur mines still preserved, but mainly to assess the working and living conditions experienced by the workers there; people, whom today we would consider real “heroes”.

Cape Vani, Manganese Mine, Milos

Cape Vani

Cape Vani designates the western entry point to the gulf of Milos. Million years ago, it used to be the bottom of a submarine volcano crater. Manganese deposits were formed here.

Zefyria, Milos

Chora (capital) - Milos - Old Chora - Zefyria . These are the names that were intermittently given to the spacious plain, on the eastern part of the gulf of Milos, in roughly 3 km from the port of Kanava.

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Mining Museum, Adamas, Milos Mining Museum

The Milos Mining Museum is located in Adamas , the island's tourist and commercial center. The Museum was established and is operating on the initiative and financing of S&B Industrial Minerals S.A. (former Silver & Baryte Ores Mining Co. S.A.)

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